5 places to make the right cut that will make any woman feel like heaven

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5 places to make the right cut that will make any woman feel like heaven

"There are 5 peaks for us."

This article should be read by men. Quickly share fan tags So that we can go to heaven

C Spot (Clitoral Spot) a sensitive spit

Before going inside, you will find this point first. The C spot is about 8000 nerves center. It looks like an inverted V body, size 0.4 × 1-2 cm. Both legs of V are inside the small cam. Above the opening of the urethra To stimulate the C area, be careful not to go harsh on her. Because you can get hurt Lubricants should be used if using fingers. And the position that can help you to the point where you feel is missionary When we women lean back and open their legs to be V for the man to pass through. His penis will hit her.

G Spot (Grafenberg Spot) Find it and stoop to wait.

Is the most intense Krasan point The posture that helps to reach a lot is Doggy or Stumped for the male to insert the back, 30% of women will reach the climax because they hit the G spot. Halfway between the pubic bone and the cervix From the vulva about 2.5-5 cm into the flesh is rough, puffy, grain size of soybeans.

O Spot (Opposite Spot) good sensitivity of MSM

It is the point where the tingling can reach orgasm when anal insertion is performed if the girls want to have orgasms this way. In addition to joining from the back door, it will also be a Girl on Top position where women have to sit astride. And leaning forward, running continuously, it may be possible to say that it may be possible because the woman has not reached this point, only about 8% of the time. The lower O Spot is centered on the back of the vagina. Which is 2.5-5 cm from the entrance, about the same as the G Spot

U Spot (Uterine Spot) of the long advantage

It is located in the lower part of the uterus that extends into the vagina about 2-3 cm in length. Missionaries, Doggy, and Girl On Top, with men having to go deep in order to have fun.

P Spot (Pubococcygeus Muscle Spot)

The thrilling mission of the PC muscle (Pubococcygeus Muscle) that serves to wrap the vagina, anus and urethra. Will look like a sphincter If we squeeze hard and hold it, PC muscles shrink. Then we will be thrilled More importantly, while making love, if the girls know how to give good It will help to get a strong feeling for both of them. Well, let's do it now. Women can reach the climax by stimulating the P Spot up to 12 percent too. Either when you help yourself or when you help yourself.

# The way to help your girlfriend find the G Spot is to lie on your back. Then the man turned his finger into it until about the second finger. Tilt your finger up, it will find, which when stimulated, the G Spot will swell and plump.

#New research has found that in addition to the 5 main points mentioned above, the entrance area is the point of arousal that helps a lot. Stimulate there a lot and it will end beautifully.

# Breathing while having Sex helps to reach orgasm. Do not become so excited that you accidentally hold your breath. This is the problem that makes women less orgasms.

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