Jiuai masterbrator


SKU : ma009

This fake pussy model is very similar and perfect. There will be 2 holes available, namely pussy hole and asshole. Will plug in any hole, will be happy, long together The interior is designed for sensitivity, like a real young woman, not as much as being sensitive. The hole is the button to allow the male head to feel the insert and deep inside is a small button and screw. The hole in the bottom is also designed to be equally thrilling with internal buttons and threads. Try to stab alternately to feel the difference in sensitivity. Seen very much to try. Which man says real pussy is better? Come to try this pussy, guaranteed to forget the real pussy Value for money. Definitely better than using the service once and then losing money. Bought this one once, thrilling for years Try to decide Get this one, but worth the value !!! Forget to tell its size, height 11cm, width 10cm, length 18cm Silicone material, tight, soft like a young girl's skin.


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