SKU : sa012

Increase the size of the texture, increase the length of 2.4 inches. Increase the size of the silicone, realistic color, premium grade. Increase the size of the man And help extend the duration of happiness. How to wear, like how to wear a condom in general. 1. Roll up first. 2. Gradually roll down by wearing from the head down. Special effects 1. Increase the length, increase the size, men slow down ejaculation. Without any side effects. 2. Skin and elasticity of the silicone are very realistic. Silicone does not have a good smell 3. Time to wear tight to ensure that it does not drop. 4. Silicone is not soft, not hard in the middle of the total length of 7.4 inches, increasing the length at the end of 2.4 inches around the base, 4.5 inches around the end of 4.2 inches, not just Increase length Not just delay ejaculation But give a realistic feeling, increase the pleasure of women as well Flexible silicone Suitable for general sites Should also use lubricant gel If used on women without water, it may cause pain. Should be cleaned before and after use


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