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Our products


Soft silicone vibrating egg Vibrating egg like a claw, 100% waterproof, quiet sound, can adjust up to 12 kinds of vibration, made of fine materials, use 2 AAA batteries.

Sold 6 items

1,193 THB ฿1,193




Sold 0 items

1,190 THB ฿1,190



The brand-free massager, Leten, big size but light weight. Adjustable vibrating up to 10 strokes, each stroke, 6 levels of strength adjustment, total length 28 cm, handle length 20 cm around the circle, massage head 16.5 cm or 6.5 inch, massage head height 5 cm. Super premium

Sold 44 items

2,387 THB ฿2,387
2,207 THB ฿2,207 -8%




Sold 4 items

310 THB ฿310




2 vibrating eggs, adjustable vibration patterns, usb charging

Sold 2 items

1,300 THB ฿1,300
1,104 THB ฿1,104 -15%



Real Japanese TPR silicone nipple vibrator, use LR44 * 3 batteries, can vibrate the nipple cover. 2 inches in diameter, strong and durable

Sold 5 items

1,290 THB ฿1,290
991 THB ฿991 -23%




can vibrate, add charcoal

Sold 6 items

922 THB ฿922



Lubricant gel spermicidal scent 300 ml

Sold 42 items

590 THB ฿590
490 THB ฿490 -17%



.Auto dildo, vibrating, retractable, adjustable, 7 vibration patterns, comes with wireless remote, usb charger

Sold 4 items

3,290 THB ฿3,290
2,999 THB ฿2,999 -9%




Comes with 3 sizes of dildos plugged into the house wiring. strength adjustable The machine can adjust 180 degrees. Size of the dildo 5.2X8 inches / 5.2 X 6 inches / 4.6X7 inches.

Sold 4 items

4,090 THB ฿4,090

(Product variants available)

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