Penis pump machine


SKU : pe003

Vacuum cylinder Vacuum pump machine Increase the size of the male model Handsome Up, products for men, safe, see real results, easy to use, the inside of the box is as follows: - Vacuum cylinder - Hand pump and strap - 3 silicone covers, clear cylinder, visible inside like a hand pump Pump up quickly, more durable than using charcoal, 20 centimeters long, can be used in conjunction with cream or massage oil. How to use the vacuum cylinder 1. Wear the rubber on the head tight 2. Wear the organ inside 3. Pump to suck the air out. To enlarge organs At this point, you will know the feeling that the organ is expanding. 4. When the expansion is about 2 cm, stop and press the release button. 5. Repeat 3-4 6. Administer every day for 10 - 20 minutes per day. Should be done in the morning, 1 course takes about a month. 7. After use. Wash clean And desiccate For next time use


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