Penis enlargement machine brand pro extender


SKU : pe005

The Enlargement System can increase your body part size by 30% in just 6 months without the need for painful and expensive body part enlargement surgery. Clinical trials have shown that when the device is used 8 – 10 hours daily for 3 – 6 months significant body part growth was shown. Since every man is different, you will find that your results can vary from more or less use. By applying a continuous, gentle pull to the body part, encourages the body to create new tissue in order to relieve the pressure. This principle of traction lengthens and thickens the body part naturally and permanently and without any side effects. Two most important factors that determine how much and how fast penile tissue will grow are the amount of tension applied and the amount of time spent. will also gain about 0.8-1.0 cm in erect body part girth (especially around the glans) and more at the base (2-3cm girth base). The Enlargement System is a non surgical body part enlargement device designed to safely increase the size of your body part using clinically proven methods.


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