Kegel Balls


SKU : ot024

Vaginal Exercise Balls Kegel Balls help manage the vaginal muscles. The muscles that are the female orgasm. Vagina service for tight fit, tightening, causing ... to the climax of the woman "nibble" more tightly Helps to exercise the muscles around the pelvis. It also helps with * urinary incontinence when sneezing, coughing, or laughing. The total length is 4 inches around the 4.4 inch circle. Method of service 1. Insert the Kegel Balls into the vagina. Try to stay at the spot. 2. Spot the vagina. Try to force the ball for 5 seconds and then relax for another 5 seconds. 3. To get good results. Be careful not to contract the stomach or thigh muscles or buttocks. Be careful not to hold your breath. Breathe to relax at Khik Tib. 4. Do 3 sets per day, set 10 times per day, administer at least 3 days a week.




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