KY lubricating gel


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Durex K-Y water-based lubricant gel Durex K-Y jelly, lubricating gel, KY K. Clear gel, water-based formula, not sticky. Can be used with condoms. Colorless, odorless, easily washed off, does not leave stains Fragrance free Helps reduce the symptoms of friction due to the vaginal dryness. The Durex K-Y is designed to replace natural lubricants. - Be careful not to get this in your eyes or wounds. - Keep out of reach of children - If irritation occurs, stop using it. - If the symptoms continue Should consult a doctor - This is not a contraceptive product. - No spermicide - If you or your partner are pregnant or breastfeeding Always consult a doctor before use. How to use: Open the lid and remove the foil. Used with a secret part Can be reused as needed. Keep in dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.



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