Canned Magical Girl


SKU : ma145

Canned Magical Girl Vibrating, massage, sucking, tingling USB charging version Crystal clear silicone Soft texture, strong, increase suction power, clear cans, enjoy 360-degree viewing of the interior, intricate internal spirals Relaxing massage Color light bulb Illuminate in the dark, width 8.5cm. 30cm long. Press and hold the first button = on / off, button 2, press 1 time = start vibration, 1 more press = change the vibration pattern, third button, long press to vent. Inside the canned pussy Charge for 2-3 hours Can be used continuously for up to 90 minutes Always charge after use. It cannot be used while charging. While charging, the lamp will flash. When the battery is fully charged The light will stay on. After use, wash and clean. The silicone can be removed from the can. The can must not be exposed to water. The black ring around the silicone is not removable, do not remove it, keep it covered to prevent dust from sticking to the silicone. Baby powder can be applied to maintain the quality of the silicone.




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